Sunday, November 1, 2009

In the Slim

"Originals" are finally here. This is a collection of garments that embody the fun of Lilly Pulitzer. I was like a kid in a candy shop when I first saw them in stores. I told my co-worker "They look so good I want to eat them" and he responded "They are calorie free!" They are classics, pieces that you can wear forever and pass on. They are all about print. I designed the "In the Slim" print shown here, it is one of my first prints offered in dresses, pants, skirts and accessories. It is SOO fun to see people wearing it!


Handmade Design said...

Paiggggge what a beautiful print. I love it and I am glad to see your print being offered on many different items. Nice Job! I wish we had a Lilly store here in Tallahassee just so I can go see it in real life yea!

Lovey Dovey said...

OMG! love itttt!

katieamend said...

paige! abby just told me about your new print. guess what?! i got the lilly postcards in the mail the other day and i posted YOUR print (short sleeve dress) on my little inspiration board in my craft room! i absolutley love it. Lilly won't be able to keep it in stores! you are darling... keep up the good work!
xoxo katie