Monday, November 30, 2009

Gobble Wobble...and more resort prints!

Wearing my print at the 3rd Annual Gobble Wobble in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The Gobble Wobble is a fundraiser put on the Friday after Thanksgiving every year to benefit a local Detroit Charity. Anne Carney (left) and Liz Vollman (right) were two of the hostesses. I was part of the original committee two years ago and sadly am not involved anymore as I live in Philadelphia. However, with the help of the Lilly Somerset shop, Lilly Pulitzer donated a bunch of goodies and a gift certificate for the raffle.
Big Bam
Madly Glamorous


Handmade Design said...

Paige you look awesome! Rock it girle. Oh this is Janine.

Emily said...

Beautiful! Of course!!!!