Sunday, October 30, 2011

Resort 2011 Prints

Greens With Envy
Frilly Ferns
Scorpion Bowl                          
Jungle Glam Toile
Glamorous Life
Coral Intarsia
Exotic Lady
Reef Me Up

Above are my latest prints for Lilly Pulitzer's Resort 2011 collection.  The theme for the season is Jungle Glam! All of the prints have a very old Hollywood meets Palm Beach feel.  The leaves are bold, pretty and overgrown.  Resort is our MOST CHIC season, I'm so happy it is here! 


Beth Dunn said...


Anonymous said...

I picked up the Westerly in Black Greens with Envy today. I love the style...and the print!

life-love-laughter said...

I am currently going through some of my favorite Lilly patterns from the past few years and after looking at your blog, I'm realizing they all have something in common- they are ALL your creations! You are one talented lady and Lilly Pulitzer is SO lucky to have you! Keep it up! :)
xo Heather (from The Pink Palm)

P.S. The hotty pink greens with envy Elsa is one of my favorite Lilly pieces EVER. Thank you!

Paige Smith said...

Thank you so much Heather, you are too sweet! I love that you are enjoying the prints!! xx