Monday, February 28, 2011

My Spring 2011 Prints for Lilly Pulitzer

 It Can Be Arranged
 Little Lilet

 Let Them Eat Cake - learn more about this print on the Lilly Blog
 Calendar Girl - learn more about this print on the Lilly Blog

First Impression


Happiness and Hydrangeas said...

I was searching for Lilly Pulitzer prints online and I stumbled upon your blog. Did you design all of these prints you just featured? These are actually some of my very favorite prints- especially "it can be arranged" and "first impression". I'm currently an undergrad studio art major and one of my dream jobs would definitely be to do what you do. I currently live in Saratoga Springs NY, so we have a Lilly Pulitzer via shop here, i think that is what initially got me into Lilly Pulitzer. But I have also been to the King of Prussia Mall and met a couple of designers there while shopping! Your work is so inspiring! And I cannot wait for the home line, I've blogged about that as well! I hope to hear back from you!

ps- my boyfriend's sister's name is paige smith. how funny?

Paige Smith said...

Hi Alyssa,
I am so happy to hear you like the prints, yes, all the ones I posted are mine. It is great to hear that you are interested in going into surface design, it is a lot of fun, and so wonderful to get to be creative in your career. I'm excited for the home line too! Thank you for your kind comments!

about me said...

Hi! I was browsing online for glimpses of Summer 2011 and came across your blog! It was so nice to meet you at Village Palm when you were here!