Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lonny Mag

Lonny Magazine visited the Lilly print studio the other week and I could not have been more thrilled.  I adored Michelle and her team, they are so sweet, fun and talented.  Below are some images from the article, you can check out the complete article here.
 I painted this enormous painting behind the model for the spring 2011 photo shoot.  It is a painting of one of my prints that is coming out this spring called "It Can be Arranged."
 We showed Lonny how we take a print from start to finish.  To the left is my original painting called "First Impression."  The cleaned and scanned version is in the middle and the dress to the right is the finished result.
 The print team painting together
My desk!


Lovey Dovey said...

of course that is your desk!!!
love it paige! I literally had a dream that we were having lunch together and hanging out after I saw this in lonny. I was also trying to comission you to do I giant painting like that for is amazing.

kimB james said...

i am so jealous of your work area. so pretty. you make the most beautiful prints for lily.

Andra Johnson said...

Best job ever.

Paige Smith said...

Aww Abby we need to have lunch soon! When are you on the east coast next? If you look to the right in the picture of my desk you can see the "P" post card hanging that you gave me. Such a thrill to have my mess of a desk in Lonny! Hope you are all well! xx