Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We like to throw a party.

Lilly Lovers arriving from the Martha Stewart Show.

Taking a picture in front of Rebecca and Stacey doing what they do best.
Painting away... causing a scene in usual Lilly fashion

With Bridge in our matching "Tory" dresses at the Madison Ave. shop before the MANY MANY Lilly Lovers were bused up for the Martha event.


hayliebird said...

paige! this is so awesome. i have already seen your painting on the home page of lily- so amazing!! abby called me to tell me about it. it looks like the martha trip was so much fun. sadly, i missed martha that day! can you believe it? i'll be sure to catch it online later!

Emily said...

oh my! Abby told me about your painting as well! AHHHMAZING! You are magical my friend.

wwp3544 said...

love the pictures so cute!